Keep it Simple Training Company Ltd is run by award winning business woman and Director Grace Graham. She has close to 30 years’ experience of working in music, recruitment, and education in the UK, US, and the Middle East, with over 20 years’ experience in leadership and management within the public, private and charity sector.


Grace created Keep It Simple because she was tired of seeing managers burn out because they had no formal leadership training or experience of leading others. She has personal experience of this and happily shares it with those she trains. Grace realised that if she wanted to become happy in her role as a leader, and make a difference, she needed to learn some things. Eventually she got some formal leadership training, and in 2013 earned a Master of Science degree in Coaching. Grace then decided to design her own training to help managers who were struggling in their roles, and the rest is history!

Keep It Simple Training Company was born out of Grace’s determination to make a difference in the wider community by providing leadership development to especially those who have a high turn over of staff and poor sickness.

With a focus on emotional intelligence, leadership and positive well-being, Grace’s message to those she works with is to keep everything simple and aim for a calm, supportive environment.

When she isn’t training, Grace leads the Federation of Small Businesses Borough Action Group in Hackney, and provides some enterprise coaching at the University of East London. She is a champion for women in business and leadership, regularly speaking on the subject of empowerment, and a winner of the Haberdasher’s Company Award for Enterprise. Grace serves as a judge in business competitions, and most recently did a TEDx Talk at Coventry University. You can see it here:

Create Your Own Box Then Be Outside of It

Keep It Simple Training Company You Tube Channel


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