Keep It Simple Training Company Ltd provide professional development programmes to organisations who want to strengthen their staff, especially their leadership teams.


Here at Keep It Simple, we believe that if you simplify what you do, your people can thrive. Creating a calm environment and work that can be replicated can bring stability and sustainability to any organisation. We work using the Pareto Principle, where we ensure that 20% of effort brings 80% of results.

Everything we do is about simplicity, and we encourage those we work with to do the same. We help people become trendsetting and influential leaders who work to benefit themselves, their teams, their organisations and the wider community. Consultancy is provided to organisations who want to become accredited providers of leadership, coaching, or business training.

We help people to:

  • Discover
  • Grow
  • Lead
  • Aspire

Keep It Simple are an ILM recognised provider of accredited training programmes and a UK Registered Learning Provider. ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership and management qualifications, and part of the City & Guilds Group.




Our next leadership development workshop is on Saturday 13th October. Click here for more info or book below!

EQ for Leadership Development One Day Workshop

Welcome to our EQ for Effective Leadership Workshop, at the wonderful Allia Future Business Centre. Would you like to join us for a day of discovery, growing, leading and inspiration? We know that being a leader can be a minefield, with so many misconceptions the demands placed on us, with targets to meet and people to be developed. Well what about your development? This unique course will help uncover some of the myths associated with leadership, and help people in management to lead well, reduce stress and be at their very best so they reach their full potential and thrive. This is a one-day ILM accredited training course that will give you an understanding of EQ and how it connects to strong and successful leadership. We understand that many people in leadership experience burn out within the first two years of undertaking their roles, then want to quit before they have a chance to really show what they're capable of. This very practical training has been designed to ensure that those who have not had any formal leadership training get all the essential and practical skills needed to boost their energy, and careers. Participants will receive an ILM accredited certificate, a year’s membership to the Institute of Leadership & Management, and a new found inner confidence as an effective leader. This is why there are only 10 spaces at a time to ensure participants get maximum benefit. We don't even do role plays! Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


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For more information or to book a free 2-hour Training Needs Analysis, email keepitsimple@impactcandc.co.uk


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