Leadership Development Training

pexels-photo-515166.jpegHigh Impact Leadership Development 

This training will give help leaders to understand their own emotional intelligence and how it can help you become a stronger and even more successful leader.

It focuses on:

  • Enhancing a winning leadership mindset
  • Increasing productivity as a leader
  • Effective communication to influence

This is a practical workshop for those who have not had any formal leadership training and can be delivered over one day, or as part of an organisations wider training programme.

Effective Leadership Programme
This is similar to the workshop above but runs over a 6 month period and learners undertake an assessment. This is a programme for people who want to have a deeper understanding of their leadership style, build and maintain great relationships and developing others. Participants focus on the positive impact they and their teams have in their organisation’s wider community, and how they can become even more effective and influential as leaders.

Participants have a detailed personal leadership assessment before they start the programme and at the end. This helps them to see their strengths and areas for development, and they receive one to one coaching sessions to support their development. This programme will help attendees develop the skills to become trail blazing leaders in their field.

On completion of these courses learners will get:

  • An ILM accredited certificate
  • One year’s membership to the Institute of Leadership & Management
  • Access to online and printed resources to advance leader growth

Here is what one of our attendees said:
“Real examples make a huge difference. Grace was really positive and gave me a lot to think about, like getting to know my team more.”

This is a 6 month programme and can be delivered as standalone or as part of an organisations wider training programme.

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