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Keep It Simple provides energy boosting courses, which are rigorously quality assured to a high standard. Our bespoke training programmes help the people we work with to:

Discover their strengths

Grow personally and professionally

Lead effectively and successfully

Inspire others to lead and be their best

We provide bespoke training to education organisations and legal firms who want to build strong leaders. Our courses can be delivered stand alone or as part of an organisations wider programme.

Here is what we do:


Coaching is a collaborative process where one person helps another person to unlock their potential so they can maximise their own performance. The person in the coaching role helps the staff member or client, to learn what they want to learn instead of teaching them, while much of the work the person being coached does is self-directed.

This training is specifically designed for those who lead teams or work with clients to perform at their best and in turn, have the people they work with to perform at their best. Training for these coaching skills can be run over a day (one coaching skill), or over two and a half days (all three coaching skills) or can be part of an organisation’s wider programme of learning.

More information about this training can be found here



These unique ILM accredited courses, designed and delivered by Keep It Simple Training Company Ltd, will help people new to leadership enhance their own and their team performance by developing a ‘play to win’attitude. The aim here is to get people to lead effectively, reduce stress, be at their very best and thrive.

More information about this training can be found here

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Privacy Policy: When you contact us we will only use your email to correspond with you about the query you got in touch with us about. People will have to ask to join our mailing list if they would like to receive updates from us.

Any personal information taken from people who train with us will be held by Keep It Simple Training Company Ltd, when they sign up to do a course. For more information on data protection and to see our full privacy policy, click here.

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